Booth Types

RESCUES (Rescue booths are FREE!)
We can all accomplish so much more when we work together. The Dog Tales Festival is not only about celebrating and showcasing the work that we do here at our sanctuary, but also about celebrating and showcasing the hard work of other incredible Ontario rescues and advocacy groups (not just dogs and horses!). We are expecting a large turnout of animal-loving individuals of all ages, and this is the perfect opportunity to spread the word about who you are, what you do, and how the public can get involved!

The Dog Tales Festival will be heavily promoted across a variety of media platforms, and an enormous turnout of animal lovers and rescues is expected. This presents the perfect opportunity to promote your animal-related products and services not only to the public, but also to rescue organizations who may have an interest in forming long-term relationships.

Dog Tales is not only home to dogs and horses, but a number of other rescue animals, including cows and pigs. Rescue groups who advocate on behalf of these animals will be present. Out of respect for our animal friends, only vegetarian and vegan food will be served to the public at the festival. Regardless of whether or not attendees are vegetarian or vegan, all will have one thing in common: a love for animals. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase just how delicious animal-friendly food can be, and network with new potential customers.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor at the Dog Tales Festival, please complete the vendor application form and e-mail for more information!